Oxford Students

Oxford College students are eligible to participate in Emory College Study Abroad programs. Oxford students should schedule an appointment to meet with a Study Abroad Advisor (in person or via telephone) to discuss their interests in studying abroad, whether it be for a semester or summer program.

For semester abroad programs, Oxford students can apply to go abroad during the second semester of their second year provided that they meet the regular eligibility requirements for the program that interests them. It is important to know, however, that Oxford College General Education Program and Distribution Requirements cannot be completed while studying abroad. Oxford College students must meet with an Oxford academic advisor in order to make certain that participating in an Emory College Study Abroad semester study abroad program will not delay their progress towards the completion of their Oxford College degree. They must also seek approval from the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at Oxford College. In addition, Oxford students may choose to study abroad for a semester immediately following the completion of their Associate's Degree during what would normally be their first semester at Emory College. 

All summer abroad programs are available to Oxford students provided that they meet the regular eligibility requirements for the program. Oxford students may apply to do a summer program that takes place after their first or second year. Students should meet with their Oxford academic advisor to discuss the courses that they will take during the summer study abroad program and how these courses will fit into their degree program.