International Students

International Students may participate in two options for overseas study:

  • International Transient Study (defined as studying in the home country during the summer after the first-year at Emory)

  • Study Abroad (defined as spending a semester or summer in a country other than one's home country)

International Transient Study

As defined by Emory College, transient study is credit for summer school away from Emory College and is open to any Emory College student with fewer than 68 academic credit hours. (PLEASE NOTE: Students who want to complete transient study within the United States must submit an application directly to the Office of Undergraduate Education.)

Therefore, International Transient Studies is for students on F-1 or J-1 visa status, with less than 68 academic credit hours, who seek to return to their country of origin during the summer following their freshman year. Any student interested in returning to their home country and receiving credit for classes taken MUST apply via an online application through Emory College Study Abroad. The student will not receive credit for classes taken if they have not submitted an online application and been approved for International Transient Studies by the stated deadlines.

For students (both international and U.S. permanent residents) who would like to study overseas and who do not meet the eligibility requirements for International Transient Studies, please make an appointment to meet with a Study Abroad Advisor to discuss the study abroad opportunities available.  If you are not on J-1 or F-1 visa status, but think you should still be able to apply, please contact Emory College Study Abroad ( to explain your situation.

Application Process and Deadlines

If you are an international student seeking to study in your home country during the summer term, you must complete the International Transient Study online application (due mid-April).

Study Abroad

International students interested in studying abroad should meet with a Study Abroad Advisor based on their programs of interest.  In addition, Emory College Study Abroad strongly encourages international students to consult with the ISSS Office (International Students and Scholars Services) regarding necessary signatures and documentaiton needed for their current F-1 or J-1 status in the United States while traveling abroad.  Depending on the study abroad country, students may be required to obtain a visa for the host country.  In some cases, international students may be required to return to their home country to apply for the study abroad visa.  Students should plan ahead and make sure they understand all entry requirements to the study abroad destination as part of the planning process for study abroad.