Program Selection

How to Choose a Program

Spending a semester, year, or summer abroad can be one of the most valuable and challenging parts of your education. It can expose you to different cultures and academic systems, as well as prepare you for future endeavors. The best study abroad experience will offer you a strong academic experience in a culturally integrated environment. We want you to have the best experience possible. It is never too early to think about your study abroad experience. You may want to explore the languages taught at Emory or take an area studies course during your first two years at Emory. Many of these courses fulfill GER requirements and provide an excellent context and background prior to studying abroad.

Questions to Consider

In choosing a program, it is important to consider the following questions:

General: What do you hope to gain from this experience? Who are potential resources at Emory you should speak to? What are your strengths and weaknesses for the type of program you are interested in? What additional preparation will you need before you go?

Academic:  What do you want to study in another country? Will the classes you take complement your academic program at Emory? Will you be taking courses for distribution, major, or minor credit? How many credits are the courses worth? Are the courses appropriate for transfer to Emory? Will Emory faculty utilize these courses toward your major/minor requirements? Is the program affiliated with an overseas university or is it an 'island' program for Americans only? Does the program offer an official transcript from an accredited academic institution?

Language: Is there a language requirement? Are language courses available? Does the program specify activities and/or requirements for you to use your language skills? Will you have ample opportunity to spend time with local people who will encourage you to practice the host language? What obstacles will you encounter if you don't speak the local language?

Cultural:  How is the program integrated into the culture of the host country? Will you be living in a dorm with host students or only with Americans? Will you be living with a host family? Will you have access to local cultural activities and venues? Does the program have components that enable you to interact with the local people? Will there be guided field trips and/or time for independent travel?

Social: Will you be able to join student organizations with host students? Will all of your classmates be Americans? Are group excursions offered by the program? Will you have an opportunity to build friendships and feel a part of the community in which you are living?

Financial: How much does the program cost? Are the costs of housing, food, and travel included? Is an orientation program included in the fees? Are excursions and activities included in the fees? What "extra" expenses can be anticipated beyond tuition, room & board, and airfare?