Independent Projects

As Emory College continues to emphasize undergraduate research and service, as well as general internationalization, academic departments are increasingly sponsoring Emory undergraduates to engage in independent activities abroad (independent study, undergraduate research, service-learning, and/or academic internships). In order for Emory College to respond quickly to situations such as international crises or natural disasters that may jeopardize our students' well-being and to assist all of our students in the relevant locations, Emory College Study Abroad maintains a central registry, which records what students are doing abroad, where they are, for what time period they are abroad, and who the multiple national and overseas contacts are. This registry is designed to keep track of Emory College students receiving credit or financial support from an academic department. In the event of a crisis, Emory College Study Abroad can coordinate Emory College's response, assisting the administration and departments as appropriate.

To register with Emory College Study Abroad, students complete the online registration form.