Health Insurance

For all Emory programs, the program cost for study abroad includes supplemental medical insurance for international travel provided by T.W. Lord and Associates. Before your departure, Emory College Study Abroad will automatically submit your information to the insurance company. You do not need to complete any paperwork to be enrolled in the policy.  You will receive a copy of the insurance policy brochure and an insurance card via email prior to the start of the program. 

Dates of Coverage

For semester programs, the dates of coverage are 2 days prior to the start date of the program through 2 days after the end date of the program.  For summer programs, the dates of coverage are 1 day prior to the start date of the program through 1 day after the end date of the program.  If you are planning to travel before or after the program and would like additional coverage for this timeframe, then you may contact T.W. Lord and Associates directly to sign up for additional days for $1.00 per day. Students are responsible for paying for any additional coverage beyond the duration of the academic program.

Supplemental Coverage

The T.W. Lord insurance policy provides supplemental coverage while abroad. The insurance policy is meant to be supplemental to any insurance coverage you normally receive. Therefore, you must check with your current insurance provider to find out what will be covered while you are abroad and to understand the policy payments and claim system. If you see a doctor abroad, expect to make up-front payments, most likely in cash, and then you will have to file for a refund from your insurance company. If your current insurance provider does not cover you while overseas, then the study abroad insurance provided by Emory will serve as your primary policy.

Please note: This policy has some exclusions.  Please refer to the brochure link below for more information.

Contact Information 

TW Lord and Associates Tel: 770-427-2461,  Toll-free: 800-633-2360

Worldwide Assistance Services From within the US and Canada: 800-243-6124
Worldwide Assistance Services Outside the US and Canada: international collect 202-331-1596 

Health Insurance Claim Form

Emory Study Abroad Insurance Brochure