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kristiA Welcome Letter from Kristi Hubbard
CIPA Director

So, what is your fondest memory from study abroad?  Is it ¿walking around with British flatmates in the rain sharing an umbrella¿?  Or is it ¿listening to His Holiness the Dalai Lama laugh infectiously at his own jokes¿?  Or perhaps it is ¿watching the sun go down over the Atlantic Ocean from the Cape of Good Hope and then racing out of the park to beat the 500 rand fine for late departure¿?  Or how about returning from a desert camel ride and sitting ¿quietly in the sand marveling at how incredibly enormous and peaceful the desert feels and how we probably could not have experienced that exact moment without deciding to leave home.¿  No matter what your memories are from study abroad, hopefully you can relate to the stories contained in this newsletter.

The Center for International Programs Abroad (CIPA) is happy to report that 50% of Emory College students have an international experience prior to graduation, and we believe that 100% of these students have life-changing, mind-broadening, horizon-expanding cross-cultural encounters.  It is our philosophy that international experience is an essential part of the liberal arts education at Emory.  Through our programs, we interact with nearly 800 students each academic year on over 100 programs in over 40 countries.  However, many students have difficulty in making a study abroad experience a reality due to financial concerns.  While students can carry financial aid with them on approved programs, often this funding is still not enough to cover the costs of spending several weeks or months overseas, and despite the proven importance of international experience, many students struggle to afford the opportunity.  Thus, it is our hope that by highlighting the student experiences below we can inspire former study abroad students such as yourselves to make a donation to help provide Emory students with their own opportunity to study abroad.  Please visit our website to find out more about how to give to the CIPA Study Abroad Scholarship Fund. In the meantime, thank you for reading these inspirational tales.


Kristi Hubbard
CIPA Director

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