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give"I strongly believe that studying abroad is one of the best learning experiences possible and that it allows you to grow as a person in a way which you could never do by staying in your own country and comfort zone. Study abroad was one of the things I was most looking forward to about college. . . . It lets you participate in a completely different way of life while at the same time making you realize how much is common to all people."

- Fiona O'Carroll, French Studies (summer) and EDUCO Paris (semester)   

newsStudy abroad is most often described as a life-changing experience or the best part of a college education. Those who have the opportunity to spend a year, semester, or summer overseas gain valuable insights, see the world from a different perspective, and develop skills that benefit them both personally and professionally for the rest of their lives. Those who don't go abroad typically say it is one of their biggest regrets.

Emory College is fortunate to help nearly 50% of its students have an international experience by the time they graduate. But, while financial aid can be applied on approved programs, additional scholarships and grants for other study-abroad related expenses (e.g., international airfare, student visa fees, recommended immunizations, etc.) are not as plentiful as we would like, and many students need additional financial assistance to turn their dream into a reality. 

Emory College Study Abroad welcomes your support in helping students realize their goal of participating in a study abroad experience. Please consider donating to our Emory College Study Abroad Scholarship Fund.  Any amount would be an important contribution and make a difference to Emory students. By making a donation, you will join a growing community of alumni, parents, students, and other supporters who are committed to enriching and enhancing the education of Emory College students. (Scholarships to individual students will range from $500 to $2000, and as our scholarship resources increase, we will be able to increase both the number of awards and the amount of the individual rewards.)

Emory College Study Abroad's Mission and Philosophy

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