Food in Freiburg

Meet Jason Katz

Studied abroad in Freiburg, Germany

freiburgThroughout the semester I compiled a list of ways that I think I've changed since being abroad.  Everyone will experience abroad differently based on their previous life experience.  The following is the list I compiled:
1. Willing to leave my comfort zone a little more
2. Chewing less gum
3. More open to different ideas/view points
4. Hanging up clothes instead of using the dryer when doing a wash (saves money/electricity/the clothes last longer)
5. Increased emphasis on buying used (why buy something new when you can get it used for half of the price?)
6. I now cringe when going shopping and forget to bring reusable bags
7. Eating more vegetables/cooking my own meals
8. Much more cognizant of how "American" I am
9. Attempt to drive less
10. My ears now perk up whenever I hear anything about Germany/Europe