Course Registration

Students on Emory summer study abroad programs remain fully registered at Emory, and credits and grades earned overseas on these programs are granted on the same basis as those obtained on campus. You are asked to list the courses you intend to take as part of the Summer Study Abroad Application form. Depending on the program, you can earn between four and twelve Emory credits.

All registration is handled by Emory College Study Abroad -- you do not register yourself for summer study abroad classes.

Add/drop/swap takes place during the first week of the program only, and all schedule changes must be made in consultation with the Faculty Program Director for your study abroad program and Emory College Study Abroad.

Your registration for summer study abroad and your participation in the program are contingent upon satisfying all financial obligations.  Any prior term balance must be paid in full before payments will be applied to the summer study abroad tuition and fees.  Payment is due by the summer study abroad payment deadline.  Failure to meet the payment deadline will result in cancellation of your enrollment in the study abroad program.  You may view your account on OPUS, or if you have any questions about your account balance, you can contact the Office of Student Financial Services.

Emory Summer School (on-campus) and Emory College Online

You may enroll and take an Emory College Online course if the dates of the online course do not overlap with your summer study abroad program dates. You may not take an online course while you are out of the country on a summer study abroad program. You may enroll in  Emory Summer School (on-campus) courses either prior to your departure or when you return.

If you intend to participate in study abroad AND enroll in Emory Summer School (on-campus or online), please indicate this on your summer study abroad application and contact Emory College Study Abroad (email: