Summer Programs

S/U Designation

If you would like to take a course S/U, please inform Emory College Study Abroad in writing (an email will suffice) within the first week of the courses that are taught for the duration of the program. For programs in which courses are taught sequentially, requests to take a course S/U should be made by the end of the third day of the course for which the request is being made. You may take up to one course as S/U while on a summer study abroad program. Language courses are considered integral to the study abroad experience and therefore cannot be taken as S/U. Courses intended to satisfy a GER also cannot be taken S/U. Most courses needed for major requirements cannot be taken S/U, so you should obtain approval from your academic advisor before making the decision to take a class for your major as S/U. You should keep in mind Emory College policy: "a student may elect to take up to twenty of the total semester hours required for graduation from any department or division of the college with the stipulation that grades for courses so elected will be recorded as Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory only and shall not be counted in computing the grade-point average. No course used to satisfy general education requirements may be taken on an S/U basis. One course required for concentration in a given field may be taken on an S/U basis with the approval of the student's faculty advisor, if the department of concentration so determines."